Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

The weekend just passed was super awesome, and I had so much fun! I had some peeps over for a gathering on Friday night, my sister and mum made the trip down for the weekend, we went to the football on Sunday afternoon as well as some shopping in between!

I made yummy milo choc chip cupcakes for my party!

This was seriously the only photo of me where my lazy eye didn't make an appearance. On the plus side, my hair was still curly here. 

I got to use my new paper lanterns to decorate! (Sorry for the crap photos, it was hard to get a non blurry photo without the flash!) 

Mum, Brooke and I went to Max Brenner! My hot chocolate was fantastic, as always. 

Dad joined us in Newcastle to watch the Roosters V Knights. It was his birthday present and he loved it. Brooke had never been to a football game either, so it was super special. Dad even brought binoculars! It was a very busy weekend, and after everyone left last night I slept for 12 hours, no joke! 

Truthfully, I haven't had enough time in the last week to work on anything for the shop. I've got some patterns cut out and ready to be worked on, but I have been so busy (and I know that isn't an excuse!) I'm hoping to make some progress on them today!

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