Thursday, June 9, 2011

The first couple of days of being on holidays.

Being on holidays is awesome! I've really been enjoying doing something because I want to, not because I have to! That being said, I still set myself little deadlines and weekly goals I want to do. The goals for this week are to finish off some bags I have been working on and list them in the shop, finish my bunting that I started (and put aside to finish another time) and spend some time cleaning the garden out. This one has been hard, its been very windy at my house and the other day it was only 14 degrees! Too cold to spend time outside!

I have some pictures to share of what I've been doing.

Packaged and mailed out an order with my new wrapping paper.

I made a massive mess which I still haven't cleaned up. 

I bought a new iron! Finally! And she came pre-named "Stella" 

Painted my nails from a tutorial of Hello Giggles. It didn't turn out exactly the same, but I still like it! 

I also changed my pinboard decorations. Now it's more 'streamlined' with black and white and some colour. And its got a cool typewriter font that I downloaded from Dafont

Now, I'm going to spend the rest of the day knocking of items on my to-do-list including finishing off my Inspiration Friday post!  And looking outside to the sunny, sunny day that is to cold to go outside. 

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