Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

I had a fantastic weekend up at my parents house! I only had access to my phone camera this weekend and truthfully I didn't really take many photos. But here are the ones I did take.

The kittens are so much bigger now!

Dudley was so posing for these photos.

Some other pretties from the yard.

It was nice to spend time away from the computer as well. Access to the Internet is limited at best while I'm at my parents so I either have to use my phone or go without. But now I'm back in Internet land and I think I'm close to catching up with everything. 

This week is just going to fly by, I can already feel it. Next weekend my parents and sister are going to visit me in Newcastle! This is a rare event and I'm pretty excited (even though I just spent the weekend with them!) 

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