Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Book Round Up.

Another month has flown by, and my reading list has been looking very sad. This month I only managed to finish one book. ONE. I think I even started it last month too!

I really don't have an excuse! I should have been reading more too, because it has been holidays for me this month. My bookshelf has been looking a tad sad too, either I need to join the library (which I still haven't done, I've been living in this area for more than 2 years now.) Or find some extra money to buy new books. Rereading books is nice, but when you are constantly reading the same books over again it gets boring

So this month I read Pride and Prejudice and I really enjoyed it!

In other news, this weekend I will be leaving for a week in New Zealand with the family. I will be putting my Etsy shop on vacation while I'm away. Inspiration Friday updates will still be posted, but other than that my blog will be pretty quiet while I'm away.

I have my DSLR all charged and I'm prepped to take heaps of photos. This is going to be an awesome trip!

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