Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Book Round Up.

Another month has flown by, and my reading list has been looking very sad. This month I only managed to finish one book. ONE. I think I even started it last month too!

I really don't have an excuse! I should have been reading more too, because it has been holidays for me this month. My bookshelf has been looking a tad sad too, either I need to join the library (which I still haven't done, I've been living in this area for more than 2 years now.) Or find some extra money to buy new books. Rereading books is nice, but when you are constantly reading the same books over again it gets boring

So this month I read Pride and Prejudice and I really enjoyed it!

In other news, this weekend I will be leaving for a week in New Zealand with the family. I will be putting my Etsy shop on vacation while I'm away. Inspiration Friday updates will still be posted, but other than that my blog will be pretty quiet while I'm away.

I have my DSLR all charged and I'm prepped to take heaps of photos. This is going to be an awesome trip!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beginning the Green & Yellow Quilt

I tried to get back into the swing of things today and do some sewing. I decided to start cutting out pieces for my green and yellow quilt, and realised that I definitely need to buy some more to finish it off. Fabric shopping here I come! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

The weekend just passed was super awesome, and I had so much fun! I had some peeps over for a gathering on Friday night, my sister and mum made the trip down for the weekend, we went to the football on Sunday afternoon as well as some shopping in between!

I made yummy milo choc chip cupcakes for my party!

This was seriously the only photo of me where my lazy eye didn't make an appearance. On the plus side, my hair was still curly here. 

I got to use my new paper lanterns to decorate! (Sorry for the crap photos, it was hard to get a non blurry photo without the flash!) 

Mum, Brooke and I went to Max Brenner! My hot chocolate was fantastic, as always. 

Dad joined us in Newcastle to watch the Roosters V Knights. It was his birthday present and he loved it. Brooke had never been to a football game either, so it was super special. Dad even brought binoculars! It was a very busy weekend, and after everyone left last night I slept for 12 hours, no joke! 

Truthfully, I haven't had enough time in the last week to work on anything for the shop. I've got some patterns cut out and ready to be worked on, but I have been so busy (and I know that isn't an excuse!) I'm hoping to make some progress on them today!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Today's Inspiration Friday is all about vintage! Yay. 

Vintage 1950s Villa Taranto Dress by DearGoldenVintage

Ivy Vines Vintage Fat Quarter by peachyvintage

60's Pink Jackie O Linen Dress by putonthatdress

Set of Vintage Retro Glasses by vintagejane

Mid Century Modern Cream Chair by thevintagesupplyco

1960's Vintage Green Enamel Pan by BrunoPolo

1970s Polaroid Instant sx-70 Land Camera by WellWudJaLookAtThat

These pretties (and more!) can be found in the Vintage Goodies treasury that I made on Etsy. Check it out here

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Polardroid Pictures (On My Birthday!)

As some of you might know, yesterday was my birthday! (it still is in parts of the US too! That's so awesome.) And I thought what better way to have an awesome birthday than by taken polardroid pictures. So this is my birthday:

8 am

9 am

10 am

11 am

12 pm

1 pm

5 pm

I know there is a massive gap between 1pm and 5pm. Lets just say I was 'preoccupied' with playing with one of my birthday presents (ahem, Sims 3) and buying supplies for a birthday gathering this weekend. I'm a tad bit of a nerd and I've loved Sims for eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. My dad thinks it's silly, but it's fun, and I like it. 

I also have to give Grant credit for putting my new chair together. I seriously tried, but he came in and it was finished in 20 minutes or so. I cooked him lunch while he made it. It was a birthday present, and it is soooooo much more comfy than my council pickup free chair. Now I can sew in comfort all day! It has padded armrests too! 

I would have taken a picture of all of my presents....but they have been spread out over the last month since my 'official' party with my sister. And some presents I wont get until my parents come down to see me this weekend. The presents that I have gotten have been lovely!

So in total, I had a super fantastic, totally awesome birthday! 

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

I had a fantastic weekend up at my parents house! I only had access to my phone camera this weekend and truthfully I didn't really take many photos. But here are the ones I did take.

The kittens are so much bigger now!

Dudley was so posing for these photos.

Some other pretties from the yard.

It was nice to spend time away from the computer as well. Access to the Internet is limited at best while I'm at my parents so I either have to use my phone or go without. But now I'm back in Internet land and I think I'm close to catching up with everything. 

This week is just going to fly by, I can already feel it. Next weekend my parents and sister are going to visit me in Newcastle! This is a rare event and I'm pretty excited (even though I just spent the weekend with them!) 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Inspiration Friday

It's time for another Inspiration Friday post! There isn't a particular theme to today's post either, they were just some things that made me giggle and want to look at them again. I hope they give you the same feeling!

I like to Rock poster by handz

Recycled Record Wall Clock by ikcdesign

Father's Day Card by witandwhistle

Lazy Cat Embroidery by whimsiology

Lonely Traveller Print by ilovedoodle


You are here now by farouche

I hope you have a good weekend!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Polardroid Pictures











Okay, so technically this was my hourly pictures from yesterday. BUT I couldn't resist posting my tutorial on Tuesday for the alliteration factor! Tutorial Tuesday! Hehe. This was a pretty productive day, I got a few bags cut out and ready to start sewing and made much progress on a custom order! 

It feels like I have been working on sewing overdrive yesterday and today, preparing for the upcoming weekend at my parents. Hopefully this terrible weather will subside so I can actually get there! I heard on the news that the Pacific Highway was closed to all traffic but trucks and four wheel drives. Eeek I hope I can make it up there!