Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspiration Friday

My organisational skills have been getting better of late. Almost to the degree of obsessive organisation! On any given day my computer screen is full of those sticky notes program (I freaken love this program!) I can have upwards of three or more stickers going on any day with things to do, reminders of important things, overall holiday things to do, etc etc.

I have also been getting obsessive with my book-marking of pages. I think I really need to go through and cull the things that aren't necessary. But one thing that is necessary is my Inspiration Friday folder. Sometimes I bookmark so many things that I need to edit the items I want to post so I don't get overwhelmed with things. Things week's theme was roughly yellowy. I say roughly because it's not strictly yellow only (which is fine because I can do what I want!) 

Yellow Guitars, Giclee Print on Canvas by MamasHouse

Hand shadows making a dog, art print by LouisestArt

Ceramic pig planter in lemon yellow by FruitFlyPie

Live what you love letterpress poster, yellow by Hijirik

Triangles pillow cover by leahduncan

G is for Giraffe Alphabet Print by StrawberryLuna


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