Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monthly book round up.

Woo hoo. This will be the second monthly book round up that I've done! 

I really didn't make much progress from last month, but I did try. I really did! I still only managed to finish two books this month, but I'm still reading another two at the moment, on top of all the blogs I read AND my magazine subscription to RUSSH turned up this month. I think that was still an alright effort considering the amount of uni work I've had to do.

Ooooo. I bought this because Borders was closing down, and I figured I should up my architecture books collection. It was a good read, and definitely gave me some ideas on how to present my work.

It seems that everyone one I talk to had to read a Jane Austen book of some kind in high school. Not me, my English teacher liked Pink Floyd and we got to read Animal Farm by George Orwell. I'm not complaining, he was a pretty cool English teacher, and I love Pink Floyd so that didn't matter. BUT the whole point of all that waffle was to say I haven't ever read a Jane Austen novel. Until now. And I liked it. So much that I'm working my way through Pride and Prejudice right now.

In other news, I finished my third assessment out of four today, and submitted it. So only one more to go and then I'm on holidays! As a treat to myself I'm having the day off uni work tomorrow do some things for myself. I'm really looking forward to it! 


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