Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

It seems like I was doing this only the other day! Sigh, now this weekend is over and I'm one day away from starting uni again. 

This weekend was pretty low key. I started working on another custom order and have been steadily progressing with it so far. I hung out with some friends on last night and I'm hoping we can do it again soon! Today I managed to stink up the house today with paint stainer (more about that in the next few days) and I decided to make some chocolate choc chip cookies. I did make a mess, but I cleaned it up and they were yummy so that makes it alright! 

I also ventured into the backyard today, I felt bad that I haven't been able to look after my plants or veggies for awhile. Luckily it has been raining for AGES so they weren't dry or dead. But I was really surprised to see that I had a lot of ripe chillies that are ready to be picked. A LOT. Does anyone want some chillies?

And I found that I had two eggplants that were getting to a sizable stage too. Awesome! So I picked an eggplant today, some chillies and some spinach. I'm planning to make a spinach and eggplant quiche tonight for dinner. 

Apart from that my weekend wasn't really that interesting. I am trying to read more this month and today I read almost 70 pages of my current book! That's a good start. It was a pretty relaxing weekend, which is just what I need right before uni starts again. The next five weeks are going to be full on with assessments due and classes and I dare say that I wont be spending much time in front of the sewing machine =

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