Friday, May 20, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Yay its Friday again! Well Friday night, which means Saturday is tomorrow, and then Sunday and Monday and back to uni on Tuesday. Gosh the weekends fly away quick =)

It's only a short inspiration post this Friday...not because I didn't find much stuff (how could I not, there is soooooooooooooo much stuff out there!) but because I love the things I'm going to show you and I didn't want to spoil the moment with extra things to distract you! So here we go! 

Swirling Vines, personalised large latte mug and saucer by AmongstLovelyThings

Seattle, limited edition print by Matte Stephens 

Let me just say OMG I love the work of Matte Stephens! Everything about his work is super fantastic. I am going to save up and get one of his works after my trip to New Zealand, this one is my current favourite. If the print run hasn't run out when I go to buy one I'll for sure get this one!

The last two images were too small for me to post, they came out all blurry and not cool at all. So I'll just put the links up for them! Check out this one and this one and also this feature about the artist. I love these features! 

I am definitely a sucker for a teapot, and the one above was no exception! It reminded me of the scene in Beauty and the Beast when all the kitchen cutlery was dancing and singing. 

So I told you this wasn't a long post. I guess I feel kinda bad about posting so many photos and images lately...but not bad enough to stop doing it! Ha. I'm really enjoying taking photos again, but I'm sure the boyfriend isn't because he likes to borrow my camera to take photos of cars. 

Any who, I'm off to go and do some other stuff. I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures of something I've been working on for a while. And more writing too! 

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