Friday, May 6, 2011

Inspiration Friday

It really amazes me at what people can make. Everyday (sometimes more) I look at Etsy and find it really inspiring that there are so many people in the world making wonderful things. I thought I would take some time today to share with you a few things that I have really liked today. Mostly of the humours kind, some made me giggle.  

Mushroom Cap by ObeyMyBrain
Boyfriend in a Bottle by gnomesweeeetgnome
Viva el Taco by karenswimmer
I thought outside the box by beanforest
Mother Trucker! by ableandgame
Truly tiny spring shower hoop by PilliPilliHandmade
Whale tissue holder yellow by gnomesweeeetgnome
You stole my thunder print by Marc Johns
I'm hot coffee mug cozy by Knotwork
Thank you card by ableandgame

Gosh handmade is awesome! I hope these brightened up your day (or even made you giggle). 


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