Monday, May 2, 2011


This was the mess that awaited me this morning. I didn't tidy up after yesterdays sewing and so my room was in shambles! 

Today's weather was cold with a chance of chill and rain. Perfect for sewing! I finished off a custom order and began work on a new range of bags. I also made some time for myself and spent some time on the wii fit. It had such fun telling me that its been 45 days since my last session. Seriously? It's been that long since I've been on there. Geez this year is passing fast. 

I also tidied up my area, which is a crucial part for me to start a new project. If there is scraps everywhere and thread all over the ground it feels too scattered for me to start something. Cleaning and tidying is my way of putting that bag or those few bags 'to sleep' so to speak. I took some photos too so you can see where I work! 

I've decorated the wall with a combination of my own paintings, old record covers, Frankie posters and funny postcards and cards I've picked up. I really like colour and try to have as much as it around me so I'm inspired! One of my favourite things is my doggy mug above. When I bought it home it had a massive crack in the bottom (I don't know how I didn't see it before I bought it!) and I was so disappointed that I couldn't drink from it. So instead I keep my drawing pencils in it so I can look at it every day. 


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