Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up (only a day or two late!)

This post was originally going to be done on Sunday, but it was Mother's Day so I thought I would push it back to Monday. Naturally, the blogger posting page wasn't working all night even after I changed web browsers. Sigh. So that combined with a full day of uni means that my weekend wrap up post is two days late! 

This weekend was pretty awesome. I managed to complete lots of stuff on my to do list and more, which is always a bonus! I found a new fabric shop really close to my house, and the lady who was in there was so sweet and nice! I think I will be going back there more regularly, it definitely beats driving into the city and paying for parking! Here are some pictures of my weekend.

Finally getting chilly through the day! Yay. I got to wear gloves (fingerless of course so I could still sew)! 

How pretty is this fabric! I got it from the above mentioned fabric shop, took it home and found it was a Robert Kaufman fabric. Score! This is going to be the lining in the second photo for another custom bag that I'm finishing off. I'll share the better photos of the finished bag soon!

Making some ruffles for some new bags!

The weather was so nice on Saturday and Sunday (not so much on Monday or today!) and so I got back into the garden and starting weeding again. Grant's parents are moving back from Saudi Arabia at the end of June (they have been living overseas for 2ish years now) and I really want to get the garden into shape before they come back! This picture is looking at the very overgrown veggie garden and my makeshift chicken wire fence. This fence obviously doesn't work, since I found the dog in it the other day! These are some of the weeds I got out.

This is what it looked liked when I was finished! You can see from the left to the right image, my garlic chives, chili plant and eggplant. I also picked a big eggplant, and there is another one growing.

I peeked around the corner of the garage and found this flower! It came from a cutting from my dad's plants and has grown really well.

I planted some autumn/winter flower seeds too, I'm hoping we'll get some nice flowers over winter.

My first batch of sweet chili sauce was a success! It was so yummy! There is some almost ripened chillies on the chili plant, so I'll be able to make some more soon.

So that pretty much sums up my weekend. Combined with some clothes washing, hours of uni work and sewing, that was all I accomplished. It was a very fun and productive weekend and it was nice to relax. Coming up in the next few weeks I have a few big uni assessments to do, I estimate that next weekend will be spent mainly finishing off my drawings and model to be presented next week. I am hoping to squeeze in some sewing and a new custom order! That's my favourite kind of sewing!

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