Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Gosh it feels like awhile since I've written anything substantial here. The last few days have been mostly non eventful (No offence to anyone I've seen!) and trying to get into doing uni work again. I feel like I have no energy  left when I get back from uni in the afternoons and I tend to veg out on the lounge at night instead of sewing/blogging/anything productive. I did manage to snap some photos of the last few days. 

This was one time when I forced myself to sit in front of the sewing machine and get some stuff done. Notice the lack of light in the photo? Yeah, it was late at night when I took this. 

When I veg out at night in front of the TV, I try to keep my hands busy at least! Mostly I have been knitting the last few nights, I'm working on a cowl for myself to take to NZ. I've never made one before, and I'm probably making it wrong, but I don't care!

Ah uni work. Why is it that when I want to look for something in particular its so hard to find? I just wanted to find some landscape drawings! In the end I got some good drawings done though, and I'm promising myself that I will work on them more this weekend. Two weeks today and my major project for architectural design will be over. I'm not sure if that's a happy thing or not. 

I've even been lazy in the photography department too! Three photos in two days, sheesh. I need to lift my game. Or have a coffee or two. 

Also something I did today was order this: 

A very cute 'Berries and Creme' beanie/hat/headwarmer from YesJess on etsy. Yay! I so love the colours in this! I've been hunting for a nice one for NZ, but all the ones I try on make my head look funny.

Until next time! 

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