Friday, May 13, 2011

Inspiration Friday

So this is the second time I’ve done an inspiration Friday. I find it really exciting to find interesting things and share them. I know that there is bucketloads of stuff on Etsy and so when I find something I like, I tend to bookmark it and come back to it later. 

This post is a little late..I was having problems with Blogger (and apparently in twitterverse so was everyone else?) But better late then never I guess. 

Vintage Tomato Teapot Sugar Bowl by AmeliaRoseVintage

Tea Time Embroidered Kitchen Towel by SantaLuchia

Cute tea cup coin purse in Japanese fabric by Angharad

Shiny Yellow Donut Teapot by PatsPottery

Teapots A4 print by LauraAmiss

Mini Teatime reusable fabric stickers by LoveMaeStore

Can you see a common theme here? I absolutely love teapots (and tea). I have a bit of a teapot collection going on at my house, one day I will get around to taking photos of them. 

Now, best get back to the uni work. I have a mountainload to do this weekend and the first half of the week. But the end of the semester is almost in sight.



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