Thursday, April 7, 2011

New fun stuff.

Gosh its been four days already since I last blogged. The time definitely does fly.

I've spent most of this week finishing off an assessment that I have to present tomorrow. Poo. I hate presenting, and will be glad when it's over. I am really happy with my work but, so that is a good thing! Nothing worse then knowing your work is shit, but trying to pretend it is awesome.

So I took today as a breather from uni work and did something fun! I worked on a new bag design and redesigned my business cards! Yay. 

I designed a cute purse with two pleats in it! I am in love, and I think I will make one for myself. These are 'in progress' snaps, the real and better photos will come soon! I am hoping to have this cute bag above and another one I have been working on listed in the shop by the weekend. 

And these are my new business cards! I secretly have been loving vertical business cards for awhile. So I finally manned up and did them. Gosh they are pretty. 

Oh whoops, how did that get there? =) 

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