Thursday, April 14, 2011

Film Day.

For part of my new uni assessment that I got this week, I was required to watch The Battleship Potemkin. Apparently our lecturer is doing his Ph.D in Russian Constructivism/De-constructivism and decided to incorporate this film into our course. We are working on a short group project at the moment, based on The Battleship Potemkin, and designing a set for it to be used in a play, as well as designing a large poster to advertise the film. 

It is a 1925 silent film that is based on the true story of a naval mutiny that occurred on the Russian battleship Potemkin. I enjoyed watching the film (I don't think my partner liked listening to the music though!) and thought it was very fascinating. I am finding the work very interesting so far, because it is more graphical than most of the other architectural work that we do. 

You can watch some/part/all (not sure?) of the film here. Or here

On a side note, I don't have much group work that I can do on my own this weekend, I'm hoping to get some sewing done this weekend, yay! I am also packing my bags early for my trip next weekend for my Easter break. Back to Mum and Dad's for an extended weekend to see the family. It's been more than a month since I have visited them! I'm also hoping to get some new bags made and listed into the shop over the Easter break.


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