Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend Wrap up.

So the Easter weekend has passed. What a shame, I really enjoyed my five days off back at mum and dad's. I caught up with my grandparents, spent some time with my sister and my mum taught me how to make her version of a casserole. 

Here are some pictures of my weekend.

My mum found this massive 6 foot plus snakeskin at the back door while I was there. So yucky. Out of all places why would it do it right there?! I snapped a photo of my pop with the snakeskin. It reminded me of this old photo.

This is my pa's brother with a dead brown snake. I'm not sure how old this picture is but the original is tiny! 

My sister and I had a yummy cheese fondue for lunch one day. I felt so full after! 

Picked up the kittens! They are soooooo cute! Practically identical, and so little. They don't have names just yet, but after spending almost 4 days with them I am starting to be able to tell them apart by their personalities. 

Hanging with Dudley. It rained for some of the time while I was at home, and Dudley hates the rain. He likes to be clean and so when he's wet all he wants to do is clean himself. The last photo of him was taken right before I left this morning, and he knew I was leaving and wouldn't look me in the eye! He can be such a sook when he wants to be. 

When I got home today my parcel had arrived from DirtRoadSouth! It was a present to myself for reaching 10 sales =) I love it so much!

All in all I had such a good weekend. I got a reasonable amount of chocolate which I wasn't expecting, but it is always a bonus! Now I'm back in Newcastle and ready to get back to work. 

On the agenda for the next few days:

Some uni work.

Working on a custom bag.

Designing a new range of bags ('s a secret!) 

Some DIY projects.




And some more


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