Friday, April 15, 2011

Love a Rainy Day!

Oh boy, I love a rainy today. So today was just fantastic! 
I even took a (bad) photo of it.

The boyf and I made a quick trip to the fabric shop this morning (and also looked in the ski shop for NZ too, how exciting!) and I got some pretty new fabrics, some batting so I can finish off my cushion cover and I got some super yummy fabric to make a dress with. I found a dress that was a hand-me-down from my mum and liked the shape so I cut a pattern out of it. 

So I starting cutting and sewing it up this afternoon, secretly hoping that I would be finished so I could wear it to a birthday party tonight. And I finished it. AWESOME. It was reasonably simple to sew together. 

See the yummy fabric? And that's how I work, always with a cup of tea! It's not the best photo of me or the dress but I was having a funny expression day, and my lazy eye was out in full force. So that's why my head is  cropped out. 

Underneath the belt I have sewn a piece of elastic, so when I don't want to wear a belt it doesn't look like I'm wearing a sack! So that's all finished and done, ready to wear tonight. 

Making a nice dress pattern was one thing on my to do list as well, so that's something else I can cross off! 

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