Sunday, April 3, 2011

25 Things before 2012.

Okay, so I can't exactly claim this idea as mine. I found it over at on this page of this awesome blog. But because my birthday is only in three months (yay) then I thought it might be too hard to do 21 things before I turn 21. So I adapted the idea a bit and made it into '25 Things to do before 2012'. 

So the 25 things I want to do before 2012 are...

1. Graduate from my bachelors degree, apply to do masters
2. Buy a set of Russian babushka dolls
3. Save money for ski trip to New Zealand in July
4. Save money after NZ (try to get bank account to $2000!)
5. Read at least a book a month (if not more)
6. Frame own illustrations and hang on wall
7. Go on a roadtrip with my sister
8. Have a rocking 21st party
9. Make my first quilt
10. Finish previously started projects:
-White scarf
-Autumn cushion cover
11. Get a tattoo for my birthday
12. Plant some colourful flowers in pots
13. Do enough yoga that I become more flexible again 
14. Learn how to make really cool renders on Photoshop
15. Practice Italian again
16. Buy my own perfume
17. Create and sew a really nice dress pattern
18. Go second hand bookshopping (and cross some books of the shopping list)
19. Clean out old stuff at mum and dads
20. Take my sister to estabar cafe in Newcastle
21. Go to an art show/gallery opening
22. Learn how to make different types of origami
23 Buy a self help book
24. Take a crafty/arty class
25. Make a baked dinner for the family 

I am hoping to get everything of this list done. Some of the items will take more than one sitting to finish, so I've put the ones in italics as the 'in progress' ones. Most of the things on my list are for my personal life, but a few are for my uni life (photoshop renders for my presentations, etc). 

Gosh I am going to be busy =)

So that is my list. What do you think?

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