Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

This is a late weekend wrap up..but my weekend only *technically* ended this morning when I left my family and travelled back to Newcastle. I am on a mid semester recess for two weeks so I had an extended weekend with the family.

We had a 'working bee' at my sister's house to paint some of her rooms. I didn't get too many photos because I was helping paint (duh). But here is another GIF of my dad painting one of the walls. 

I also hit up my favourite op shop and walked away with more than I was expecting. A whole heap of new pretty fabrics, two patterns, a quilting book, handbag handles and a very pretty new jar. 

Other things that happened on the weekend included learning to make jam in the microwave with Mum, playing with Dudley and the kittens, and showing my new tattoos to my parents (eek!) 

The next few days are going to be very busy, busy! I am reopening the shop today and I have HEAPS of new things planned and cut out ready for me to sew. 

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