Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.


Gosh, it’s already Monday afternoon and I haven’t done a weekend update yet! I’ve spent today hurriedly sewing all that I could, because my sewing machine went for a service this afternoon, and isn’t expected back until the weekend at the earliest! Gah, what am I going to do without a sewing machine for 5 days?!

As the photos above show, I spent the majority of the weekend sewing (not much surprise there.) My motivation was high, and so I tried to cram as much work in as I could. Luckily I did because I woke up Sunday sick and spent the day napping. I didn't get anything done of my list, but that's okay. Having a sick day yesterday has pushed back my blogging plans a day or two, not to worry!

The seasons have definitely changed here, a warm breeze has replaced the chilly nights and the windows are all the way open right now. It's shaping up to be a nice spring now.

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