Sunday, September 25, 2011

DIY: Pretty Window Decorator

I am currently away for the weekend, visiting the family up north again. The Weekend Wrap Up post will return mid when we I get back home. For now, enjoy this cute DIY post! 

I have a confession: I love peace cranes/paper cranes/whatever else you want to call them. Awhile ago I made a paper crane 'mobile' that hung from my non existent curtain rods in my studio. Lately, because of the warming up weather, the windows have been open and my mobile has been getting tangled with the cord (see next photo). I didn't want to throw away my mobile, and so I decided to remake it into something that wouldn't get tangled and would look cute! 

Supplies needed: Paper cranes, needle and thread, twine, scissors. 


I chose to use a length of twine to hang my cranes off to match in with my other twine strip that I hang notes and photos on. The twine could be replaced with yarn, thicker thread or most other stringy things that can take a small amount of weight. Measure the twine on the window you are going to decorate before cutting it. 

Take your needle and thread and poke a hole from underneath, so it pops out at the top of the cranes back (middle ridge?). Make sure to knot the thread first, this will hold the crane in place. Then simply tie the crane into a desired position along the twine! 

Now enjoy your pretty window decorator swinging in the breeze!

Don't like paper cranes? How about substituting hearts or leaves? Using felt or patterned material? The possibilities are endless! 

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