Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Everyday Mae!

I thought it would be very appropriate to look back over the year that was Everyday Mae. Here are some photos on work that I have created over this past year. 

This year has been super duper awesome! I really tried hard to put myself out there and do tons of things out of my comfort zone. I'm happy with what I achieved and want to thank everyone. 

To all of my friends, sister and parents who shamelessly promote Everyday Mae to anyone who will listen

To my sister for helping with the first Everyday Mae market stall

To my parents who supported me and who have been encouraging from day one

To Etsy for having an awesome website that allows me to sell my stuff and connect with other likeminded people

And mostly to my customers! I am grateful and humbled by every sale that I get. Here's hoping to an even better second year of Everyday Mae!!!

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