Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everyday Mae Update!

Over Christmas and New Years I took a small break from creating for Everyday Mae. I spent my time catching up with friends and family and I don't regret that for a minute! I'm currently experiencing a lack of productivity and due to some issues in my personal life the amount of product I have been making has not been as much as I would like. It's definitely not a lack of inspiration, I can spent hours pinning things on Pinterest and getting so excited I forget to put on my glasses and the result is an inspiration fuelled headache. 

On the upside, I still have been creating and the result is in the photos above. I am working progressively on a few different styles at once so sometimes it feels like I am getting nothing finished when I am actually steadily working. I am hoping to have some of these bags finished and photographed this week. A select few will be put into my Etsy shop, while the others will be kept for a special reason, I will share more details closer to the date!

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