Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was extremelyyyyyyyyyyyy sewing focused, by the photos it looks like I did nothing but sew! Honestly I was spending a lot of time sewing because I start back at uni tomorrow, and the next four weeks are going to be a rush (three assessments in four weeks, plus two important birthdays and I need to redo my car registration :S)

This dress was finished early on the weekend, it was a practice for the dress that is in the next picture. I really love this fabric, even though I'm not much of a blue fan. I bought it at my favourite op shop ever, three and a half metres for $3.50. You can't beat that. 


I had been coveting this fabric for months, literally. I saw it every time I went to buy other fabric, and with an important party coming up I thought it was the perfect time. The pattern is so summery! 

I have progressed on this dress more than the pictures show...but I want the finished dress to be sort of a surprise! 

Inspired by this post, I attempted my first go at a heart design, sans contact paper with duct tape in it's place. My hearts are quite compact, but worked well. I will definitely do this again in a bigger design and with more colours! 

Grant and I also had a small lunch date on Saturday by going to subway (trying to be healthy and save money!). We always get three cookies for $2 and halve them. This time we got raspberry cheesecake and double choc chip. Yum! 

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