Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

This weekend was pretty great, but it seemed to go so fast! It's already Sunday night, and almost the start of a new week. At least every week is bringing the holidays closer! The only downside to this weekend was I didn't take many photos, I actually got the last two above from my friend Hayley. Thanks!

I managed to finish off a uni assessment and got some design work done over the weekend. I spent Saturday morning working on a bright new skirt (above) to wear to a fiesta themed party that night! I'm so happy with how the skirt turned out (I don't have a better picture then that but) and I actually wore it again today. That's not gross, I swear! When I turned up at the party, my friend had the exact same fabric in a poncho! Grant also got his fiesta on with a sombrero that his sister got in Mexico, and a poncho from Mexico too!

Today Grant and I hung out with some friends that we haven't seen in ages. They are about to have a baby in a few weeks and it will probably be the last time we see them before the baby is born. I'm so excited for them! Eek! 

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