Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.


This past weekend I made the trip home to see family, get my hair cut and my car fixed! Phew! We spent Saturday working on cleaning up the gardens at the house I grew up (and spent seventeen years living in!). Mum and Dad are currently between tenants so we worked on getting the gardens and yard tidier. This involved having a small fire, which was very hot.

It was strange to be inside the house again. I haven't been in there since we moved out. And gosh it seems so small now. I guess everything seems bigger when you are a kid though! Unfortunately we didn't have the hanging lights (in the above photo) when we lived there, I wish we had because they look really nice. 

I also got to play with Dudley and the cats. The cats have grown so much! They are really friendly with Dudley, they don't really know they shouldn't be friends with him. It was quite warm outside in the sun, sometimes it really doesn't feel like winter here. 

I've got a busy week ahead now. Working on an assessment that is due next week, some new bags and a few other things! 

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