Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Bags in the Shop.

I have been working on these two bags for a few days. They turned out so pretty! I especially love the red heart/yellow background fabric. Pop over and check them out in the shop here

In other news I finished one of my reports for uni, yay! Which means that there is one less stress to worry about for the next week and a half. I still have another two assessments to complete in the next two weeks, and if I can remember correctly, maybe three more before Easter break? It just seems like its never ending!

Onto a prettier side of things, the rose bushes at our house are in full bloom! I'm no expert, but the colours are a combination of white, pink and white/pink. I picked some and put them into a vase in my studio room. I hope they last a while, they are so pretty to look at! 

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