Thursday, May 3, 2012


Reading: Trying to find a book in my current collection that I haven't read. I've managed to start a few but have lost interest quickly and haven't gone back to finish the book. A visit to the library might be needed soon. 

Watching: Offspring. I love that show, every episode just gets better and better! So much drama in the family, I love it!

Working on: Getting into a solid exercise plan. I am usually not very motivated when it comes to exercising and I often start something but give up fairly early. I am on day three at the moment on exercising on the Wii Fit. I do quite like using it and I have been excited to continue using it daily. 

Thinking about: Being creative. Sometimes I feel like I just want to do something creative but its hard to work out exactly what I want to do whether it be sewing, painting or something else. It's easier to get overwhelmed with the options and inspirations found on the Internet. Usually sitting in the sun with a cup of tea helps work out what I feel like doing. 

Anticipating: The next few weeks! I am planning to visit my family next weekend and it is going to be a busy one with my Dad's birthday and Mother's Day being celebrated together. Not to mention my sister will be visiting the week after for a very grown up winery tour and then not long after that it will be her birthday! Phew, I'm excited but exhausted already. 

Listening to: A special mixtape made by a close friend. I have been listening to it on repeat and I love it. It's fantastic to listen to music that I wouldn't have found by myself and even better when I like listening to it. 

Eating: Healthier! Lots of vegetables, some meat and more vegetarian options. Cooking for one is a lot easier, you only have to consider what you would like to eat. So sometimes that means the same meal twice in a row and sometimes it means having scrabbled eggs for dinner just because I can. 

Wishing: That my house wasn't so cold. It's not officially winter yet and the house has a chill already. Fair enough, it is an older house and it does have character which I love. I will be layering up this winter I think! 

This post was inspired by a post of the same name on the Sometimes Sweet blog. 


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