Monday, March 19, 2012

A quick weekend wrap up.

I guess I haven't fully gotten my blogging schedule back yet...this is pretty obvious because I'm posting about the weekend on a Tuesday! What a weekend it was! I spent time sewing, seeing friends, celebrating St Patrick's day and handmade marketing all day Sunday. So I was very exhausted by the end and just wanted to sleep!

Here are some quick photos I snapped on the weekend, my super large chicken schnitzel that was love heart shaped, pretty flowers out of my bedroom window and my favourite night time tea mug! No photos from the markets sadly, I was busy with set up and customers and then finally pack up. I think I am getting the hang of doing markets (and this was my first one by myself) and I can't wait to do so many more! 

Slowly and surely I have been taking some photos of my new house, but it's not fully ready yet to be shown on the blog. It's a fantastic place to live and I'm loving every second of it! 

Much love! 

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