Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

This past weekend I:

Made a really quick high-waisted ruffle skirt! (Ignore the terrible photo. I am bad at outfit shots!) 

Cut out some more pieces for my first quilt project. I bought these super awesome vintage fat quarters from this shop here. 

I also (almost) finished off this dress! I decided to do bias binding around the neckline and arm holes and I was happy with how it turned out, considering I haven't done that before.

A quick visit to the fabric shop today. I got these fabrics, some of which are going to go into my quilt project. 

I also started working on my next dress. This is going to be a different design to the last two I've made. I am hoping to get the majority of the sewing finished tomorrow, I am planning on wearing this dress next weekend! Eekk. 

I finished off and listed four new bags in the shop over the weekend (I will talk about these in a later post!) Thanks goes to Grant who provided the hand that you can see in the pictures. 

I love the look of curls, and so when I found this blog post I knew that I would have to try it out. I left the rags in for longer to make sure my hair was completely dry. When I took them out I had really, really tight ringlets! You can kind of see the result in the first picture. Definitely be doing that again!

That about sums up my weekend! 

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